Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our Breathe Better FAQ's page to find answers to your common queries about our breathing techniques and solutions for breathing problems

Revitalize Your Well-Being through Mindful Breathing

What is Better Breathing ?

Better Breathing is an app that helps you learn and practice various science-backed breathing exercises with its creative visuals and music. Doing guided breathing exercises regularly can bring more mindfulness to your daily life.

Why is mindful breathing important in our daily life ?

Mindful breathing has shown tremendous and instant results on one's mind and body to prepare them for their daily-routine at the start of the day, to energize in the middle of the day, to unwind and relax at the end of the day and even to get better sleep at night.

Betterbreathe App is available for which smart devices ?

Betterbreathe app is available on Apple iPhone/Watch/iPad & Android phones.

From where can I download the Betterbreathe app ?

Betterbreathe app is available on official Play store and App store for Android and Apple devices respectively.

What subscription plans does Better Breathing app have ?

Betterbreathe app provides two subscriptions for the users which would get renewed at the respective time-period $19.99/year $3.99/month.

Can I use the Betterbreathe app when I am not connected to the Internet ?

Absolutely! Internet connection is required to only download and install the app on your smart device. Once installed, the Betterbreathe app can be used even when you’re completely offline.

Is there a free-trial during which I can use the Betterbreathe app with all its features ?

For yearly subscription, there is a 7-days free-trial and the subscription will be automatically active if the user does not cancel. For monthly subscription, unfortunately there is no free-trial available